Nail Care

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Express Manicure - $28

Weekly maintenance manicure. This service includes nail soaking, trimming/filing, cuticle work, cuticle hydration and polish of your choice

Signature Manicure - $35

Our Signature (and most popular manicure) includes nail soaking, file/trimming of nails, cuticle care, nail hydration, massage and polish of your choice

Shellac Application - $25

Just the application, no manicure. We will buff and file your nails to perfection, polish & nail hydration

Sport Manicure - $35

Perfect for those hands that need a little extra attention in the cuticle department but don’t need polish

Shellac Manicure - $45

Our shellac manicure (and most popular) includes all necessary nail care steps (trimming, shaping, hydration, cuticle care) massage and your choice of OPI Gel Polish


Express Pedicure - $43

Perfect for bi-weekly maintenance or for those who only have 30 minutes to spare. This service covers all nail care such as trim/shaping nails, cuticle care, nail hydration and polish. Your aesthetician will give you a choice between callus buffing or leg and foot exfoliation to finish your service

Sport Pedicure - $60

Sport lovers pedicure – full service without the polish. This pedicure leaves a little extra time for the soles of your feet and extended massage plus all cuticle and nail care

Signature Pedicure - $60

Our signature (and most popular) pedicure. This service includes a soak, nail trim/file, cuticle work, callus buffing, a sugar scrub exfoliation, leg and foot massage and polish

Shellac Pedicure - $70

This pedicure service consists of all the steps in our Signature Pedicure but better! Shellac is a gel polish that cures under an LED light so that polish will dry instantly and last for weeks to come


Hot Towel Essential Oil Treatment - 10 minutes - $20.00

Slip into ultimate relaxation with a lavender and chamomile essential oil blend added to your foot bath. Hot towels and an extended massage with leave you feeling perfectly relaxed

Paraffin Wax Treatment - 15 minutes - $25.00
Submerge your hands or feet in perfectly warmed bags of paraffin wax for extra hydration, warmth, increased circulation + some relaxation time
Extra Callus Softening - 15 minutes - $25.00
Dry, cracked soles of the feet take some extra TLC. Add this onto your pedicure if you need some extra time for callus buffing and an intense hydrating mousse to lock in all the moisture
Nail Art - 15 minutes - $10.00+
Creativity at its finest. Enjoy a freehand nail design by one of our talented nail technicians – choose from 2 fingers (starting at $10.00 up to 10 fingers ($25.00+) to be determined prior to the start of your service
French Polish - 15 minutes - $10.00
Free-hand french polish in any colour you wish. You choose the base colour and thickness of the french application
OPI Gel Removal - 15 minutes - $10.00
Removal of pre-existing gel polish (shellac polish)

*Please note this service must be booked if you have shellac on your nails*