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Permanent make-up (PMU) brow services

At Jaja Spa, we specialize in providing permanent make-up (PMU) brow services using a variety of techniques to create natural and enhanced brow shapes, brow symmetry and overall fuller and more beautiful brows.

With PMU, you no longer have to worry about pencilling in your eyebrows every day, as our brow artist will help you find the perfect healed brow that best suits your preferences, features and skin type.

Each appointment starts with a detailed consultation to go over brow shapes, what to expect during your appointment and after-care to ensure the best possible healing.

Book a complimentary consultation today and lets get you the perfect brows you’ve always wanted!

Jaja Spa PMU Services - Nano Brows
Nano Brows - $600
Nano Brows is a state-of-the-art beauty service aimed at enhancing your eyebrows with the help of a PMU machine. By carefully creating lifelike hair strokes, this procedure adds fullness and definition to your brows, resulting in a natural-looking finish. With its long-lasting effects lasting for several years, Nano Brows offers a comprehensive experience that includes a detailed consultation, the actual procedure, and a follow-up to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
Microblading - $500
With Permanent Makeup – Microblading, you can achieve natural-looking, fuller eyebrows through the artistry of tattooing. Our skilled artist, Jacqueline, uses a handheld tool to create precise, hair-like strokes that blend seamlessly with your eyebrows. This semi-permanent procedure typically lasts 1-3 years, ensuring long-lasting results tailored to your individual skin type. Enjoy the added benefit of a complimentary consultation when you book this service.
Microblading + Shading - $650
Microblading & Shading combines the best of Microblading and Powder brows to create a soft and natural-looking brow with hair-like strokes and a gentle shading effect. This technique is perfect for individuals who have ample hair but wish to enhance and fill in any areas of sparseness. Achieve the desired look of fuller and more defined brows with this revolutionary service.
4-6 week PMU Follow-up Appointment
During the PMU 4-6 week complimentary follow-up appointment at Jaja Spa, we prioritize discussing and perfecting the desired look and feel of your brows. In addition to reinforcing any lost pigment during the healing process, we also offer the opportunity to make adjustments to the shape of your brows, ensuring your satisfaction with the final result.
Jaja Spa Nano Brows PMU Artist Jacqueline

Meet our PMU artist, Jacqueline!

Meet Jacqueline, co-owner of Jaja Spa with over 9 years of experience in PMU artistry, she specializes in enhancing your natural brow shape to give you realistic results that do not actually look like permanent make up.

Say good bye to brow pencils and gels, harsh lines and old tattoo techniques. With the latest technology on the market paired with a skilled and professional brow artist, we are revolutionizing the PMU industry by providing NATURAL enhancements that are long lasting.

Book a complimentary consultation with Jacqueline today and let’s get you the perfect brows you’ve always wanted!